Being a parent I know it’s always a matter of concern for parents to inculcate the love of reading in kids. Because reading is one big thing that can help kids in learning new and exciting stuff. And that is not possible without helping them to establish reading skills.

reading skills

Why are reading skills important?

It is essential to help your kids develop reading skills because of  3 main advantages.

  • Enhances cognitive ability
  • Develops language skills
  • Provokes imagination

It is essential to help your kids develop reading skills because of 3 main advantages. Enhances cognitive ability Develops language skills Provokes imagination Click To Tweet

Benefits of reading skills

Developing reading skills in your child will benefit them in a number of ways. I am enlisting a few of them underneath.

  • Vocabulary development
  • Personality development
  • Gathering new knowledge
  • Memory enhancement
  • Improved concentration
  • Emotional development
  • Reducing stress level
  • Academic performance
  • Enhanced learning ability

reading skills

Ways to improve reading skills in kids

There a number of ways which can help kids to read and improve their skills. Here I will be mentioning a few important ones that will be really beneficial for you and your child in the long run.

1. Use flashcards

I have always found the use of flashcards very helpful in introducing a new word to my child. They help them to focus and retain the new word or picture introduced to them.

The use of colorful flashcards will help in engaging kids for longer periods of time.

You can either make the flashcards at home by yourself. You would just need a chart paper, a color marker and a pair of scissors.

flash cards

Flashcards are especially helpful for preschool kids or kids who recently started their school.

You can also buy some colorful and engaging flashcards here by clicking on the picture below.

2. Read to them

When you want your child to develop reading skills it is extremely important to read a storybook or any other interesting book to them.

reading with kids

This will benefit you in two main ways.

One is that it will help in the improvement of the learning capabilities of your child and secondly it will help you in spending more time with kids. This is definitely beneficial in strengthening parent-child relationship.

Reading to your child will help in the improvement of the learning capabilities of your child and secondly it will help you in spending more time with kids. This is definitely beneficial in strengthening the parent-child relationship. Click To Tweet

3. Specify reading time

It is important to make reading a habit. And for doing so you need to provide enough time and encourage your child to read.

One best way is to specify a time for kids to read.

There is no obligation for any particular time of the day. You can decide according to your and your child’s routine.

It may in the evening after the afternoon nap or at night just before going to bed.

Here are a few amazing bedtime stories you can have for your kids.

4. Encourage them to read

Though it is important for you to read to your kid but it is equally important to encourage them to read on their own.

reading skills

Initially, they might find it difficult to read by themselves but with passing time they will master the skill.

In the early days, it is good if you sit with them while they read and help them with difficult words.

But when you feel they are coping up well and can read on their own it’s better to let them read alone. This will help them in strengthening their skills and getting independent.

5. Talk about the book

Once you have done reading a book to them or they have done reading a book themselves it’s very important to discuss the book.

No matter what type of book it was, your child always learns from it. And it is very important to see what your child is comprehending and learning from the book.

While kids are reading a book many questions arise in their minds. And when you get to discuss those questions or queries with you, it helps them have a clear vision.

This can be done anytime, while watching a TV show together, while driving, before going to bed or just when you head out for a run with your child.

talking to your child

6. Get them books they love

As we all know all kids have different likings and disliking regarding toys. Similar is with their interest in books.

So one of the best ways to encourage them to read is to provide them with the books relevant to their interests.

For parents, it’s not difficult to decide what your child is interested in. But still, if you find it difficult to make out, you can ask them what sort of book would they like to read.

To make it easier for you I am adding a few good books below according to categories, you can choose from here.




7. Encourage reading in groups

Kids always enjoy spending time with their friends. So, why not capitalize on this opportunity?

Arrange a gathering at home or even without planning a gathering you can encourage your child to read with their friends.

 After reading the books they can share different new things they learned. This will make them excited and will motivate to read more.

8. Games that enhance reading skills

Kids are always interested in games. So, why not use games to help kids develop reading skills.

There are many such games that help in the cognitive and learning abilities of the child.

Here are a few of them, which you might like.

You may also like reading about indoor activities for kids.

9. Participation in reading and creative writing activities

In this ever-evolving world, humans have found many ways to develop and enhance different skills in them.

One of these ways is by conducting events and activities that encourage people to participate.

These are a great way to socialize and see what new is happening around you.

In this era of social media, it is not difficult to find and locate where activities related to learning and reading for kids are happening. SO, whenever you get a chance to visit such an event encourage your child to participate in the activities.

This will help in boosting their confidence and they will learn new things.

10. Use of workbooks

One another way to develop reading skills is to let the kids develop their creative thinking and develop a problem-solving attitude. And what is better than workbooks for this?

It is very essential to get some activity books and workbooks for kids to help them in cognition.

Here are a few to choose from.


The development of reading skills is kids can be challenging but is definitely rewarding. It helps kids to learn, to think in a new way and to comprehend. These skills help in the personality development of kids in the long run.

Let me know how much you encourage your child to read?

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Diapers&Cocktails · at

I could not agree more! I have been reading to my little ones since they were so small they would just chew on the corners. I recently wrote a round-up of best books for toddlers on my blog!


Katie Frazier · at

My mom taught me how to read before kindergarten, and I definitely want try to teach my son to read too! I even asked for books for his baby shower!


Samantha · at

Great article and a great resource of books! I’ve been reading to my daughters since they were born and my oldest (almost 2) is starting to try to “read” to me which I strongly encourage!


Jaimie · at

These are all great tips! The flash card idea will be a good start for my preschooler.


Makayla Kane · at

this is a very organized and well laid out plan to teach kids to read! i really enjoyed this post and love all of the good book suggestions! my 5 year old is still learning to read, so i will definitely take some of your pointers!


Ashley · at

I use to love workbooks when I was younger. I am really hoping that my kids like reading as much as I do. You recommended some great books I am going to see about picking up.

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