Hey mommy! are you struggling to potty train of your child? Then let me congratulate you. You have landed at the right place. I have some really helpful tips down there for you.

Best tips to potty train your child

Potty train my child was a real nightmare for me. Not because my child gave me a tough time but due to overwhelming suggestions pouring in from all around regarding the best age to toilet train a child. But I am thankful that I did what I felt was right and it really halved the burden and made this task so easy for me. 

As I am a working mom so it was a tough ask for me to toilet train my daughter but I did it and in the end it proved to be an easy task than it seemed to be because I choose the right age of my child to be potty-trained and luckily followed right steps to finish off the task. 

Here I will be sharing all those steps that helped me to potty train, my child.

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11 easy steps to potty train your child

What is the perfect age to potty train a child?

Before moving to the actual steps for toilet training a baby, I think the foremost thing is to decide “when to potty train a baby?” or maybe “at what age should a child be potty trained?”

Well mommies, with due respect to all the elders and friends, I must say there is no exact or ‘so-called’ perfect age for this. The right time is when you and your baby are ready for it.

Yes, you read it right, it is equally important for you as a mom to also be ready because its a task has to be mutually attempted and accomplished by you and your child.

11 easy steps to potty train your child

Want to know at what age of my child I took up this charge so that it became very easy for me? To know the answer read it till the end.

11 Easy steps to potty train a baby

Being a mom it’s one of the most challenging tasks. But hold on. You know what? I have a few tips that can make your life way easier and you can easily potty train your child.

Being a mom it's one of the most challenging tasks. But hold on. You know what? I have a few tips that can make your life way easier. Click To Tweet

So, let’s begin with the steps:

11 easy steps to potty train your child

1. Find out if your baby is ready for it

Answer to this query is to look whether your child is able to speak a few words and can express himself/herself? It will be even better if your little one is old enough to tell you that he or she has already peed or pooed in the diaper. Let me tell you it becomes very easy when your baby can actually communicate verbally or by gestures. It is a green signal to move ahead because this shows that insight has already been developed in him or her.

11 easy steps to potty train your child

2. See if you are prepared to take up the task

Although it is a tough time for moms especially for first-time mothers, but your readiness is necessary. It is comparatively easier for stay at home moms because they have the full time to dedicate for this task but its difficult for working moms. As it was for me being a working mom. Working mothers should plan this for the weekend and to make it even better you can take a day or two off along with the weekend making it 3 or 4 days altogether (doesn’t it sounds great?) 

3.Spend time with your child

I know you would be thinking that spending time with your baby is important in any case so why mentioned here? It’s because it is very crucial here to build a strong connection with your bundle of joy so that you can understand his/ her words and gestures.

4. Potty training videos

Yes, you need to show your baby a few potty training videos. An easy source of them is Youtube. Sit with your child when they watch these videos and elaborate it to them how kids use pots to pee and poo. And also inculcate it to them they will also be doing the same.

Believe me, this particular step helped me a lot, and I am sure it will be beneficial for you too.

5. Buy a colorful and attractive potty pot for them

You need to buy a pot in some bright or in some favorite color of your child. It can also be in the shape of a cartoon character that your child loves. This would not be a difficult task because many options are available in the market.

6. Day 1 (take off the diaper for 2-3 hours)

While your baby is awake, take off the diaper and ask them to tell you when they feel the desire to pee or either they can themselves pee in the pot.

7. Increase diaper-free time 

Next day keep your baby without a diaper for a longer period. If the baby is keeping up well you may only need to put him/her in a diaper during the sleep time.

8. Make short out-door trips

Short trips without the diaper are very important to inculcate a feeling of control over the desire to pee when pot or toilet is not readily available. When taking the child out you should tell your child to inform you when they feel the urge to pee, and when they intimate the need, rush back home or some near washroom.

11 easy steps to potty train your child

9. Moving on to diaper free sleep time

When you notice your baby is performing well with the training you can go a step further and make them sleep without a diaper but of course, with a plastic sheet underneath or you can even use potty pants for this purpose. 

11 easy steps to potty train your child

10. Always appreciate

Yes, your little cutie needs to be appreciated every time he or she has intimated you that want to pee or when he or she has successfully peed in the pot or toilet.

But when if your child fails, tell the little soul that he/she can do it better next time and give them a warm hug (it helps).

When if your child fails, tell the little soul that he/she can do it better next time and give them a warm hug (it helps). Click To Tweet

11. Stay motivated

Mom, this is very essential to stay motivated even at times when your little one fails to pee in the pot and wets the floor. You need all the patience while cleaning all the mess around. 

It will finally pay off, trust me.

I decided to potty train my child just before the start of her school, at the of 3. It really helped me a lot. She was already old enough to communicate and understand my commands. And then by following above-mentioned steps it undoubtedly made this daunting task easy for me. Tell me what worked for you?

Ashley from The Irish Twins Momma beautifully shares her real-life story of potty training her twins. Hop over her post and read it for yourself, I am sure you will enjoy it.

11 best steps to potty train your child



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