Wondering why am I talking about home-based business ideas today?

Let me tell you here.

Every morning when I leave home for work, I see many mothers rushing towards their workplaces. This is so because in this era many women want to build their careers along with looking after their families. This is actually very good and needs to be appreciated.

But still there is a large proportion of mothers, who by choice or due to domestic reasons, stay at home.

This way they are able to spend more time with their kids and family.

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But staying at home doesn’t at all mean that you cannot follow your dreams or earn a handsome amount of money (because who doesn’t like it).

This money can be used for next family vacations, to expand your business, for shopping (my all-time favorite) or even can be saved for unforeseen circumstances.

So it is very essential to become a mompreneur, kick-start your home based business and earn a good amount of cash.

Listed below are a few good home-based business ideas.

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home based business ideas

Home based business ideas


If you are passionate about writing, this is what you can choose.

Blogging is a great way to get yourself a creative outlet where you can express your thoughts.


Having said that, let me tell you blogging journey is not an easy one and not the one which will help you make money instantly.

So if you plan to blog keep in mind that it takes a lot of hard work and patience to become a good blogger and to build a revenue generating blog.

There is a lot of learning involved. You need to decide your niche, choose your platform, setup your website, and buy domain and hosting.

And then putting lots and lots of quality content.

Along the way you need to learn SEO and social media marketing.

Once you have established your brand and have been successful in attracting traffic then there are multiple ways to monetize it.

For example using ad networks, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing (will be talking more about it in a while) and even creating your own digital product.

As I already said it involves a lot of learning and it is a slow process. So my advice will be make google and YouTube your best friends and enjoy this journey (as I am doing it currently).


Another good way to make some online money is freelancing.

Freelancing means to work on contracts or assignments for different individuals or companies for which you are paid.

I believe this is relatively easy and quick way to make money.


You just need to have a skill or even learn one. You can easily learn on YouTube or a few websites that offer different courses (I mentioned a few here).

Once you have acquired a skill, join different freelancing platforms. Unfortunately, I never had luck with them, but many people are making big money there, so why not try your luck there.

Now I will share the way that worked well for me and I actually got a chance to do freelance writing. And that was by joining and staying active at Facebook groups. You will find many such groups on Facebook to join. Give it a try my friend.

Thirdly you can also get freelance work by word of mouth. When you are interested in doing some sort of work from home, you can ask your family and friends to promote you in their circle. There is a good chance that you will find some good offers.

home based business ideas

Affiliate Marketing

This is a good way to earn some good amount of cash. But in order to be successful you may need some helpful tips about affiliate marketing.

There are many free and paid courses available on google as well as you tube. You can easily opt for one and get off your affiliate marketing journey.

For introduction purpose I would like to tell you that it is a way you promote a product (whether physical or digital) made and owned by another person or company. If you successfully make a sale then you get a set amount of commission.

Affiliate Marketing

Good thing about affiliate marketing is that you don’t necessarily need to have a website or a large following to kick start making money.


Now coming to the most popular way to make money these days.

you tube

Having said that, it is not like that you will start making money from day 1. It will take time and consistency to draw results.

Inspiring stories of successful you tubers these days are driving many young enthusiasts to start their career in you tube. Which is very good indeed.

There are many examples of successful you tubers out there who worked hard and turned their passion into a money generating career.

Virtual Assistant

Becoming a virtual assistant has also become a fancy career these days.

In the present era, everything around is becoming digital. And it is a decent decision to make a career out of it as a stay at home mom.

This will not only help you to stay at home with your family and look after them. But will also let you make some extra cash and pay for your online shopping.

virtual assistant

Online Consultancy

Mommy, if you are a teacher, doctor or even if you are good at a specific thing, you can pave ways for money generating home-based career.

There are many websites on the internet that allow online consultancy in different fields.

And if not interested in those websites, you can always setup your own website and start online consultancy.

Arts and Crafts

For all the creative moms out there, this is the way to go.

Many moms are already doing it and you can do it too. Arts is not only a creative way to earn money but it is also a great way to overcome depression.

home based business ideas

If you have never tried arts and crafts, I would even then suggest you to do that. It is a great way to express your thoughts and bring out the creativity and put up a good show for the world to see.

Home Tuition

Providing the services of home tuition has always been a go-to way for anyone who is good at teaching.

There are always some people looking for good home-based tutors for guidance so why not be one?

I think this is an easy way to grab some extra cash by offering tuition in subjects you are good at.

This is also a good way to enhance your skills.


Yes, you read it right. I am talking about daycare services.

We have always heard about daycare services provided by big businesses or organizations. But if have a good temperament and you enjoy kid’s company. Then you can provide daycare services to kids of working moms in your vicinity.

Activity Camps

This is one of interesting and entertaining home-based business ideas for moms. Think of some easy creative activities for kids. Then do some online marketing and also spread word in your vicinity.

home based business ideas

I am sure if you have good activity ideas that can keep kids busy, many mothers would love to send their kids.

Food Business

Mommy, if you are good at cooking. This is one good way to look at for business.

There are many working moms and even offices that are in search of good and hygienic homemade food options. So why not provide them with one?

home based business ideas

To start you can cook food and deliver to different offices or working moms that you know for free. And if they like it they will definitely contact you to order more.

Clothing Business

This is another good way for business startup. If you have good designing ability you can design clothes, get them stitched and sell them online.

Many such business are already doing well on Instagram and Facebook.

Party Planning

Moms with good organizing abilities can have their go in party planning business.

These days many people are looking to outsource the arrangements of parties they host. So I think if you enjoy planning parties then look at a bigger picture and start a business out of it. And I can assure you, you can grab a good amount of money.

home based business ideas

Photography Services

If you love photography, I believe you have a good prospect.

Similar to party planning services, people are consistently looking for photography services. People tend to favor new startups and small businesses for small parties.

These provide great opportunities to cash on.

home based business ideas

If you are searching for a good DSLR camera, here are my recommendations.

Interior Designing

Do friends or guests visiting your home complement often about your interior designing abilities? If yes, take it a step forward and start providing interior designing services online.


This is somewhat similar to affiliate marketing. But I kept it separate because if you are buying something and then reselling it, you can set your desired amount of profit.

To be successful in this business, do a market research in your vicinity or online, where ever you want to sell things. And have a close look what are people searching for and buying.

Then you need to find a good wholesaler and buy those things in bulk (This will help to generate more profit). And then you are good to go.

Like all businesses it might take some time to grow but if done right, can be profitable.


Mommies, listed above are a few new business ideas that you can adopt to kick-start your mompreneurship.

All of these may not be for you, but there must be at least one for you. And you should look to pursue it.

Mom, possibilities are never ending. Its perseverance, consistency and positive attitude that paves your way to success.

So what are you waiting for? Select one and start your own home based business today.

If you have any other good idea of home based business, share with me in comments. I would love to hear you.

Laura has beautifully chalked down many ways to earn and save money. Have a look here.

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home based business ideas


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