Friday 10:45 am, a rainy morning of February 2015 was the first time I heard the cry of my little bundle of joy and held her in my arms. Since then this joyous journey of life has been amazing.

values of life

I have seen her laughing, crying, talking, reading, writing, playing struggling, achieving and what not.

In all these adventurous years she has turned from a neonate, into an infant, toddler and now to a responsible school going child.

Time is really running fast. And with each passing day our kids are growing big and learning new things.

Watching kids growing up and learning new things is really amazing. It’s no less than a treasure for mothers.

It’s the rule of nature that as kids grow they learn new things and gain new milestones. As parents we should keep track of these milestones achieved by kids. So that God forbid if there is any delay we can seek necessary help and take appropriate measures to bring things back on track.

As the kids approach 5 years of age we as parents need to inculcate a few important values of life in our kids. Which is really important for making them a responsible and a better addition to this society.

Though life is a great teacher and as we grow we learn different life lessons. But there are a few important life values that kids need to learn early in their childhood so that it becomes a part of their personality.

So without any further due let’s have a look what important social values we need to teach our kids before they turn 5.

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values of life for kids

Values of Life to teach Kids before they turn 5

1. Gratitude

First and foremost value of life that I think we need to teach our kids is gratitude.

We should tell them to be thankful for all the blessings they have.

Mommy, you need to make them realize that the abilities to see, feel, smell, talk and hear are a big gift of nature.

They should always be thankful for them so that they can be bestowed with more.

values of life

2. Honesty

Second on the list is honesty. No one can deny its importance.

To inculcate the habit of telling the truth we as parents need to be a living example for them.

They learn and adopt fast what they look rather than what they are taught.

So taking a note of this we need to be truthful so that our kids adopt it naturally.

As we have grown up listening to the stories like ‘honesty is the best policy’. So I believe one of the easiest way available to inculcate important life values in kids by reading them stories.

I have assembled a few options for you to choose from.

(I earn a small affiliate commission if you buy through my link, without charging you any extra money).

3. Humbleness

Another important value of life is being humble.

Having a humble attitude makes an individual more acceptable and more respectable in the society.

It is important to be humble because this makes a person easy to communicate and deal with. And undoubtedly more lovable in the community.

It also makes a person feel light at heart and decreased expectations in return of his/her good deeds.

Being humble is a great source of peaceful mind and soul.

values of life

4. Sharing

As a mother this has been the most difficult value that I have been trying to inculcate in my daughter.

And I know you as a mother have also felt it so.

As kids are very possessive about their belongings it is very difficult to ask them to share.

But it can be initiated by talking to them and sharing stories about the importance sharing with them.

As a parent it is important to learn that during the process when you are teaching kids about sharing don’t force them to share.

Give them some time to absorb and let their mind accept this value of life with full heart.

As they will grow and build strong friendships they will realize the importance of sharing.

5. Kindness

Creating awareness about gestures like kindness, affection and care is very important.

We need to tell our kids that no act of kindness is small. And we should try to help out and be kind to others whenever possible.

Even saying a small kind word to someone can make his/her day. And when you can be the reason of someone’s smile, what’s better than that?

Being kind to others undoubtedly rewards in multiple ways we can’t even expect.

I feel it is the most fruitful gesture that we can gift each other. If given choice to choose one most important value I will definitely choose kindness.

Be kind to kids and ask them to be kind towards others.



Talking and inculcating awareness in kids regarding important values of life is really important.

They tend to learn more efficiently what they see. So best way to make them learn is to practice these gestures yourself.

When they will see you practicing these values they will definitely learn and adopt them quickly.

Some of the important values of life that need to be instilled in kids during early years of life are honesty, kindness, sharing, gratitude and humbleness.

Which is the most important value you want your child to adopt? Tell me in the comments.

values of life

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Monica · at

I couldn’t agree more! All of these values are very important!


Stephanie Stebbins · at

I absolutely agree on all points. The time period between birth and 5 years old is so important to teaching these things to children!


Ana · at

Love this post! Kids definitely learn by watching their parents. What we do is more important than what we say. I find that gratitude is one quality I really want my kids to embrace. I think it shapes how we see and experience the world. Appreciate what we have and not be so drawn by what we don’t have. Thank you for a great read.


Jessie · at

Omg gratitude is definitely #1! I’m so tired of all these kids that are so used to being given whatever they want and they never show appreciation! It’s definitely the top when it comes to important things to teach your child. All of them are great, thank you for sharing!


Collene · at

Man, that is so hard to pick! But I think I would say honesty. I think the other ones can be worked on but it is hard to trust someone even if they have only lied once.


Heather McMaster · at

I have always tried to make sure to teach my kids these life values. I have learned that by being a kind and honest person, I am able to get much further.


Brittany · at

I plan on teaching my children kindness and humbleness by having us volunteer once a month together as a family. I want them to appreciate what we have and show them how we can help others that are not as lucky!


Mellissa · at

These are so true! I try so hard to make sure my kids understand the importance of these values in today’s world!


Kale @ · at

“We should tell them to be thankful for all the blessings they have.”
Absolutely! And not just at Thanksgiving…every single day.
We are so blessed and have SO much to be thankful for. Thanks for sharing!

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