Yay, finally getting my pen (virtual one) down to write about my favorite topic. And that is ‘mompreneur’.

I just love mompreneurship and because of that I have done some good research regarding this.

And I want to share it with you guys. So let’s take it from the grass root level.


Who is a mompreneur?

This powerful term is basically an amalgam of two different terms namely, mom and entrepreneur.

The word ‘Mom’ needs no introduction or definition. Ones playing this role know all ins and outs of being a mom (chuckles).

Let’s talk about entrepreneur. It’s a word used for a person who set ups any form of a business or devices a way to earn a livelihood (quiet fancy, isn’t it).

Entrepreneurship is a process in which a person can generate profits and also might bear losses on the way (sigh! The sad part). Even then this is my favorite and one day I want to become a successful entrepreneur (please pray for my dream to come true, because we are friends, right?).

So friend let’s move a little forward.

Till now we have understood what actually is mompreneur and mompreneurship. Now it’s time to take on how to be a mompreneur.


How to be a mompreneur?

You just need an ‘idea’.

Yes it all begins with an idea. An idea to what to do and where to begin your big game. Unique the idea, the better it is.

And wait before going any further I must tell you that the ‘unique’ about your idea and business is ‘you’.

So whatever is your idea you should believe that it is unique and distinctive because you are the one who is going to pursue it. And no one can pursue it as you, my friend.

Second thing that you need for being a mompreneur is a ‘skill’. It is not necessary to be perfect in anything. You can do it any way you like and it will get better on the way (virtual shoulder tap for you). Because every hard-work is destined to be fruitful (disclaimer: some deep talk going on).


So till now we have decided that to be a mompreneur you need an idea and a skill.

But let me tell you the catch point here. It is necessary to have an idea according to your skill.

It is not necessary to already have a skill regarding your idea. You can always learn it.

In this world of internet you can just google it and learn everything you are interested in. There are also many websites which provide valuable courses on almost everything you want to learn.

Two of my absolutes favorites are Udemy and Coursera.

All good? OK, let’s move forward.

home based business

How to carry on a business idea?

It is very important to talk about this.

Though it begins with an idea in the mind but it never happens until tried and implemented.

So you must gather courage to ‘implement’ the unique idea that you have. Only then an idea can become a reality

How to implement a business idea for mompreneurship?

Thinking of starting a business may be overwhelming but here a few tips to keep everything streamlined.

First thing that you need to do is to write down that idea in a diary or a piece of paper.

Here a few cool diaries for your notes you may like. (I am an Amazon affiliate and I get a tiny commission on your qualifying purchase with absolutely no additional amount on you).

Ok, back to the real talking now. Once you have written your idea on a paper. Next step is to set your ‘goals’.

Yes, I put goals before planning. It is important to have clear goals and target before actually planning, because once you have a clear mindset about where you want to see yourself and your business in coming years, it will be easy to plan the course of action. That will finally lead to your set goals.

If you are thinking that the final goal of each entrepreneur is eventually to make money, then what’s so special about deciding it earlier? Yes my friend you are right.

But still you need to set goals and write it down. Because amount of money that can satisfy goals can be different for everyone. And not everyone’s main goal is money, a few want to pursue such a lifestyle to keep themselves busy, a few to have a creative outlet and a few just to calm their souls.


So bestie, you definitely need to decide and write down your goals.

Moving forward to next level, which is finding your ‘target audience’ and consumers’.

When you have in your mind who are your target audience then executing your plan will be easier. Your actions will be targeted and not be haywire or erratic. I suppose you definitely know the importance of staying streamlined.

Let’s move one step further which is to ‘outline a plan’.

A plan about how you want to go about it and set your business.

(You can have a small tea or coffee break by now if you are a die-hard fan of tea like me).

Fasten your seat belts we are resuming (slow clap in the back ground).

Once you have the unique idea and goal in mind you can conveniently maneuver the path of your dream business

How to plan a home based business?

Moms these days are seen in all walks of life. Some pursuing their careers in teaching, medical or management fields and some prefer to stay at home.

With no comparison, working and stay at home moms, try their levels best to look after their families.

Once I wrote about managing family and work life as a mom. You can read here.

But this time my main focus is on home based businesses for stay at home moms or businesses which working moms can pursue in their free time.

home based business

So without further due let’s see how to plan a home based business.

Once you have decided what business you want to start you need to look after a few important things.

One of them is ‘finance’.  Good thing about a small personal business is that you can start with whatever amount of money is available with you. Seriously you don’t need to have big bank balances (no worries even you already have).

I would suggest not to stress and burden your family about your business finances. Begin with some of your savings and pocket money (if you are lucky enough to own one).

The only thing you need to decide at this point is how to use the amount of money you have.

Truly speaking what amount of money needs to be used where solely depends on the type of business you are planning. Every business is different and so is money distribution for it.

But on the broader aspect, bulk of your money will go in to buying the supplies and packaging.

One important aspect of finance is that you should also plan how will you mange it with your business. One of the best way is to open a bank account in a local bank. This will keep you safe and will enable you to keep a track of all the payments.

Second step in setup of home based business to find out and book a ‘courier service’ for your business.

It is extremely important to decide a good courier service for your business at the very start, in fact even before starting.

This will help you decide which courier service best matches your requirements and is best affordable for you and your consumers.

Third step in setup of home based business is ‘actual working’. This is where your hard work is required and most of your energy and time are consumed.

Best way to go about it is to make a routine and stick to it. No matter how less of your time on daily basis you assign to your business. Only thing you need to do religiously is to adhere with that routine.

This way slowly and slowly you will head towards a successful home based business. And will emerge as a successful mompreneur.

Here are more tips to increase your productivity.

Wrapping up

Mompreneur is a mom who designs and implements her ideas to build a successful business around it.

There are a few important basics to help you become a successful mompreneur which include setting up of goals, selecting your target audience and making a plan.

When done with this you need to work out your finances, courier service and actual implementation of the idea.

Are you a mompreneur? If yes, tell us in comments about your business and inspire us.

If not, what is stopping you? Let me know.

Pin it for further reading and please keep sharing.



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I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.



Mellissa · at

Very motivating article! I know several moms who have recently taken the leap into mompreneurship, including myself. It’s very rewarding! Thank for the info!


Jenn Summers · at

So many great tips! I have been a mompreneur since having my twin girls and letting go of my healthcare job. It has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride hahaha!


Kale @ steakandkale.com · at

“Even then this is my favorite and one day I want to become a successful entrepreneur”
Yes! Momma, the same over here!! 🙂
Thanks for explaining…I need to share this post with some of my friends who want to make the transition.


Heather · at

I love being a Mompreneur! I recommend it to all my mama friends!


ExoRank · at

Awesome post! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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