Hey mommy, I hope you are doing fine. Are you worried about choosing cute birthday dresses for your toddler girls?

Did I hear yes?

My friend, congratulations! You are at the right place.

Here I have listed cutest birthday dresses for your adorable toddler girl.

cute birthday dresses for toddler girls

So, without any further due, let’s begin.

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cute birthday dresses for toddler girls

Birthday Dresses for Toddler Girls

This is a beautiful unicorn-themed dress for toddler girls.

It is a sleeveless and backless sequin dress, perfect for birthdays.

The upper part of the dress has a perfect lining to protect the skin. Thus making it more comfortable to wear for longer duration.

It can also be coupled with leggings underneath.

It is a soft pink color dress made of cotton polyester blended material.

It is a long sleeved dress with multilayered skirt.

This will make a good party wear in winter as well because of long sleeves.

It is a rose gold sequin dress for girls.

It is long sleeves dress with floor length, perfect for birthday parties.

Toddler girls look amazing in this outfit.

I think it is a perfect dress for princess-themed birthday party.

It is long sleeved maxi with zipper closure and round neck.

It is made of a good quality material and soft tulle with lining.

Young girls can comfortably wear this on winter evenings as well.

It’s color, and style is perfect for birthday parties.

This is an amazingly beautiful floral print dress with a bow knot on front.

It is a sleeveless dress with knee long length. It also has a zip on its back.

I think this dress makes a good fit for spring and summer parties.

What do you say?

This is another elegant polyester and cotton blended lace dress with beautiful sequins.

It is a back less dress with a big bow knot which makes it more stylish.

It’s style and color makes it good fit for birthday parties.

I am sure your princess will look adorable in this outfit.

This is another fancy dress with sequins on  upper body.

It is sleeves less and back less dress with a tulle below.

It can be fastened at the back with a button.

This is a comfortable wear for your child yet with modern and stylish look.

Here is a multi layered princess dress. It is a sleeveless dress with shining sequins on upper body.

A beautiful bow tie adds to the look of the dress.

As it is multi layered , it will be an easy and comfortable wear for your child.

Importantly, satin cloth is added at the edges of the neck and armpits, so that sequins don’t rub against the child’s body.

This is an elegant party wear dress made with cotton lining and zip closure.

The neckline is decorated with beautiful pearls and multilayered hem skirt below is adding to its look.

A satin bow knot is present at the waist giving it a modest look.

This is a perfect wear for parties.

This is a princess-inspired dress for your princess. It is a beautiful dress with a sparkle tulle.

It has a tie closure on the back.

It is lined with cotton, making it a comfortable wear for your doll.

Sparkles on the dress give it a very fashionable look.


Above listed are cute birthday dresses for toddler girls. I handpicked 10 dresses to help you decide what will look supper good on your child.

These all are very sophisticated and elegant designs. Anyone of these that you will choose will be a perfect fit for parties, especially for birthdays.

I would like to mention here, that before ordering any dress please thoroughly go through the size chart.

All I would like to say is HAPPY SHOPPING. And let me know in the comments, which one you liked the best.

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cute birthday dresses for toddler girls


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