As moms our lives are always messed up. Though that is the beauty of Motherhood but we need to declutter time to time so stay sane and mindful. So, here I am with some useful decluttering tips for busy moms.

decluttering tips

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Just like our lives, our homes are also messed up. And at times gives a feel as a tornado just passed by. This is not only because of our little monsters but also because we pile up many unnecessary things over time.

Reasons for all the clutter

All the clutter that is visible and is a pain to eyes is because of 3 main reasons.One of the reason is that we tend to collect many things and most of them are not required.

Many a times we end up buying things which we like a lot but not necessarily need. This may be okay for a few times. But with the passing time we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. This is why most of the space of our home seems to be occupied by not needed occupants.

Second reason is that we usually don’t have a habit of routinely clearing up the things that are not needed.

This is mostly seen in the case of our wardrobe. We tend to buy new clothes on every sale or arrival of new season. But we are not removing the old clothes with the same pace.

This results in a large pile of clothes that we will never wear but still is housing safely in our cupboards.

This ‘naughty’ pile will fall off every time we open the cupboard but due to a soft corner in our heart we almost never try to get rid of it.

Third reason is that all the things that we have in our home are not at their proper places.

This is because we or a family member has a habit of using the things and never putting it back at the right place.

This further leads to two problems. One is what we are talking about i.e. clutter. And second problem is that there are nearly 99% (99%, because I like to play safe :)) chances you will not find it next time when you need it.

Even if you manage to find it, it may take you long to find it. And you end up wasting time.

So these were three main reasons of all the clutter that is seen at our places.

Feeling Lost?

In case you feel lost, I will enumerate these for you. (You can thank me latter).

  1. Buying unnecessary things
  2. Not clearing the old, never to be used stuff
  3. Habit of not putting things back at their right place

Having sorted out the reasons resulting in the clutter. Let’s now move further with the tips to get rid of it.

decluttering tips

Decluttering tips for busy moms

With out any more due let’s get into real business.

Stop buying unnecessary stuff


For a minute imagine yourself in a mall, standing in front of a shop. A beautiful dress that you wanted all through the season is in front of you.

You probably didn’t buy earlier because you felt it was much costly. Now is at 70% off.

What will you do?

Buy it or leave it?

I am sure the next very moment you will be at the cash counter, paying for it.

Isn’t it?

Probably not your fault. I think it’s in our genes. Female genes to be more specific.

No doubt these days, everything in the markets is made so attractive that it is really hard to stop oneself from buying.

Attractive deals, sales, and advertising skills have been much revolutionized these days. Resulting in a big temptation for buyers to purchase it.

It is okay to get hold of good deals. I mean obviously no one wants to miss any, nor do me.

But one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that, buy only those things that are needed. Don’t get driven by the tempting deals.

Think before buying that do you really need this? Will you be using this in next couple of days or a week?

If the answer is ‘Yes’, only then go for it.

If the answer is ‘No’, then it’s better to avoid it.

This way you will end up collecting less unnecessary stuff and eventually the clutter.

Use one in, one out rule

One of the best decluttering tips is that when you buy something and bring it home, something else must go out.

When you keep on buying new things even if needed and you don’t put away something you already have. Then you will keep on piling up things which would result in clutter.

But instead, if you develop a rule or a habit of giving away one thing for each new thing you buy will result in less mess and will keep your place organized.

This way you won’t be collecting clutter.

Keep things at their right place

Decluttering a home cannot be done one handed. You definitely require help and support from other family members.

One simple way to do this is to have small sweet rules for your home. And ask everyone to abide by those rules.

One such rule to keep the home clean and tidy is to keep things at the place they belong too.This cannot be achieved if only one person is trying to do so.

decluttering tips

Develop the habit of recycling

This is my favorite decluttering tip. Recycling things is not only beneficial to get over the clutter but it also helps to bring our inner creativity to reality. There are three main benefits of recycling.

First on the list is that it enables us to spend time with kids. As mothers, most of the time we are so busy that we are unable to spare time to spend with kids. But getting some time and utilized in such an activity with kids helps to keep them busy in a better way and strengthen the bond with kids.

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Secondly, it helps to get over the stress and your mind to relax. Getting a chance to express your creativity is so powerful and useful. It is such a good and easy way to relieve your tension. Do try it out and let me know in comments how do you felt about it?

Thirdly, it is always a treat to see a master piece that just came into being due to your recycling and creative capabilities. You feel a strong association with what you created. And there is nothing better than that.

So why not give it a try?

Keep a bag or corner for unnecessary stuff

Due to busy routines, it may not always be possible to take separate time out for decluttering on a mass level. To get over this difficulty it is advisable to keep a big bag or set a separate corner in home, where you can place all the unnecessary things.

It may not always be possible to take separate time out for decluttering on a mass level. To get over this difficulty it is advisable to keep a big bag or set a separate corner in home, where you can place all the unnecessary things. Click To Tweet

This will make decluttering hassle free. Then after a week or 10 days you can take that bag out of the home.

Declutter one room at a time

Decluttering tips are meant to ease the task. So, here is another one of it.

It is always good to have a plan. And for this matter keeping your schedule in mind plan out your weeks and months. And assign a particular day for every room in the house and declutter that room thoroughly on that day.

Home chores routine for mothers.

decluttering tips

Spare 5 minutes every third day

I love this tip. This really helps. Every third day just take out 5 minutes of your daily routine and utilize it for decluttering.

This is not meant for deep decluttering. But you can pick any spot in the house and spend 5 minutes to declutter that specific point as much as you can in this time.

5 minutes apparently appear very less for this daunting task. But it really helps to keep the home clean. I have tried it and would recommend you too to try this out.

Why is decluttering important!

Have you realized why are we talking about decluttering tips this time? It is because it is necessary. And let me tell you why it is important.

It is important for three main reasons:

  • Keeps your home clean
  • Helps you to stay organized
  • Decreases your stress

stress free

Benefits of decluttering tips

Decluttering is rewarding. Let me tell you how?

When you adopt decluttering tips, it helps you to keep your home organized which in long run saves time.

Another benefit that is has it that is makes the home peaceful. This really helps in reducing the anxiety and stress.

When you keep decluttering your home on routine basis it actually helps to save time. Which can be effectively spend with family.


Decluttering also helps you to save money. This is because of two main reasons. One is that when you are decluttering you may find some lost things, which you were thinking to buy again. Secondly when have in your mind that you need to declutter you tend to buy less. So in this way it helps to save your precious money.

Putting it together!

Decluttering may seem as a daunting task but once you get into this habit, it is really helpful and rewarding.

You just need to follow these easy tips and implement them in your daily routine to get more organized and stress free. This way you will find much more time for yourself and family.

Share this with your friends and let me know what tips you use for decluttering. I will be happy to listen from you.

decluttering tips

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