Planning for vacations is a real pleasure and traveling with a kid is even more fun. At least one-month vacations in a year are absolutely essential for better and improved performance at work. It is equally vital if you are a stay at home mom. Even thought of going on holidays is full of delight. This feeling of excitement transforms into a daunting feeling when you think of packing for the trip and that too with the kids! but take it easy my friend just grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you how to make traveling with a kid unchallenging for you.

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Tips for travelling with kid


So let’s begin without any further delay.
Initially, I also used to get overwhelmed with the idea of traveling with a kid but with the passage of time, I learned a few valuable packing tips for traveling with a kid from my mother and friends that helped me a lot and here I will be sharing them with you to ease your burden.

traveling with kids

Packing list for traveling with a kid!

1. Plan ahead

It is very crucial. When you plan a few days before the trip, it automatically reduces stress and helps you to be well organized and streamlined.

2. Sort out the clothes

I would recommend beginning with the sorting of clothes, by this I mean that first of all decide what types of clothes would you be needing according to the season. Do this for everyone who is traveling with you (if they do not intend to do it themselves 😉 ).

3. Decide the number

Now, this is extremely important. I know very often we end up packing so many clothes for a trip that actually are not used and only end up in a pile. This only results in over-burdening our luggage and leaves less space for the gifts or stuff that we want to bring back home. So it’s all-important to go light. If you are traveling for 1 week it will be good to take 4-5 dresses for yourself and 9 for your kid (because it is always beneficial to keep kid’s clothes using a formula that says number of days + 2, so that you have extra clothes in hand if needed and if not used will not cause much burden ). You can repeat your clothes there and even do the laundry if required.
traveling with kids

4. Assemble before you pack

It is important to take out all the clothes and essentials that you desire to take along and arrange them on a bed or a table before you actually pack your bags. This will help you to go through the items you are taking, and then you can easily make out that is there anything missing or you are taking too much with you. Trust me this will take your stress off and will make traveling with kid real fun.

5. Shoes and other essentials

Apart from clothes you definitely need to take shoes and other necessary items of personal care with you too. It will get easier for you to make a checklist for baby/kid items and your own personal care items, like :


If you are traveling with a kid to a place where you will find stuff like shampoo, face wash, etc easily you may not take them along, and lessen your luggage. Still, it is always good to take some personal things with you like your own towel.

6. Things to keep in the first-aid box

While traveling with a kid keeping the first aid box with you is always pivotal, and packing it with important things is also crucial. You should always keep bandages, scissors, stickings, sterile gloves, thermometer, skin rash and antiseptic cream, distilled water for cleaning wound, medicine for fever, cough and stomach ache.

7. Packing the bags

Then it finally comes to the actual happening that is the packing of the bags. Once you have assembled and made sure that you have lined up all the important things that you need to take along, you can begin with the packing. It’s good to pack separate bags for your kid and for yourself. It will help you to find anything easily that you are looking for. To make it convenient for you to sort out the things, pack the clothes and all other essentials in separate compartments of the bag. If your bag has only one compartment then you can bring grocery bags in to use.

8. Pack earlier

When you are traveling with a kid it proves to be very handy if you pack a few days ahead of the trip. It keeps your mind at peace and lends you some time to relax before the journey. It will also help you to sort out and plan other aspects of the trip.
By following these few tips it has become easier for me to plan my trips with the family. I am sure these will benefit you too.

Summing up!

So, now I sum up by saying that planning ahead is pivotal. Keeping a checklist and packing ahead of time will save you from the agony of anxiety and restlessness.

Your Turn!

Now share with me how you pack your bags and what other tips work well for you. I would love to hear from you.
You can download your check list here. Check-list of Packing Essentials
Tips for travelling with kid


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Avatar · at

Hey, I really like your blog 🙂 Happy writing 🙂


Jeanne · at

I love your idea of packing a first aid kit when traveling with your kids, very smart.


Ceci Rey · at

I love this. when we travel, each child is allowed to bring 1 bag with them in the car. The bag must have entertainment…tablet,etc. and if there is something they want to sleep with. If you did not pack it in the bag…you will see it when we return! Thanks for sharing!


Arianne P · at

I just read this before going on a two day trip with my baby. Great read! Really helpful!


Annie · at

Snacks, diapers, and wipes are my main concerns when we are going anywhere 🙂 And a few toys!


Jami · at

We are going on a trip without our little guy for the first time next month, but I still need to pack for him to go to my sister’s house so this was great to read.


Perri · at

I like the tip to bring enough kid outfits for the number of days you are gone plus 2 extras. That seems like a great rule of thumb for over-packers like me!


Ashley · at

We are leaving to go out of town this weekend and this list just helped me pack both my boys stuff. Now I have to just pack mine and take the pool bag out. I have a note on the counter for any missing items to pack last minute now too.

Thank you so much for this! I love your blog!



Erica · at

I LOVE that first picture, it’s perfect. I remember trying to get everything settled and arranged for car rides. Ugh. Quite stressful, your list here is informative and helpful, thank you for sharing 🙂


brittany · at

These are great tips! Thanks for posting this

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