How to balance life as a working mom!

how to balance life as a working mom

These days life is getting busy because as more and more advancements are taking place there is more awareness and more people, particularly the women are getting serious about their secure future. Many recent studies show that many women are pursuing their career nowadays than ever before. This is a good sign and will help personal and community growth. But what really haunts working moms is how to balance life as a working mother.

With all the glamour pursuing career brings for women, there comes the feeling of guilt especially for working moms. This guilt alone becomes the cause of stress and depression in moms but many end up quitting their career. If as a mom you think your family needs your more time then it’s fine to leave your job and look after your family. But moms, there are legit ways with which you can balance your work life with your family life. This will give a boost to your self-esteem and will make you stronger.

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Balancing life as a Working MOM

Let us have a look at a few tips.


In your academic life whatever subject preferences you had, can always get you some good and respectful job. It’s actually not the degree but your commitment and dedication that will help you find a suitable job and will make you successful and productive. So first step begins with the search for a good job and if you are a mom especially then you must do a thorough search for a suitable job. By saying suitable I mean first you should look for a job that is at a location that is easily accessible keeping your transport options in mind. Secondly before joining you should always read following carefully.

  • Job description
  • Payment details
  • Working hours 
  • Annual leaves

After going through these essentials you should choose your job.


While you have to select a job for yourself it is of utmost importance that you should plan how will you manage your kid’s routine with your job. You should always plan who will look after your kids while you are at work or who will pick and drop them at school. Planning this before getting into a job will lessen the burden, guilt and panic attacks (that many working women face at times). And this helps to balance life as a working mother.


When you have made your choices then always discuss with your family. By family I mean your husband, who is going to be your main support system, your kids, if they are older enough to understand and also with your close family members, because you may require their help at any time. Trust me having all these discussions will help you a lot and will increase your confidence, satisfaction level and above all will boost family bonding.

balance life as a working mom


It is always good to ask for help if you are having problems with adjusting timings. You can ask for help from your family or friends. You can look for daycare facilities in your vicinity, visit them and discuss before you actually get into a job. You might need house help search for that too if in need. Having all these things done will help you stay content and join your job with ease.


When you start your job you might face a few problems. Big or small. It has nothing to do with initial planning, though planning beforehand will always decrease the stress and pile of problems, you should understand that when you start something new and there is a change of routine you have to make adjustments. This will take time and be generous enough to give yourself time to settle in. I have seen many mommies getting a job but ending in giving up so early just because they face problems in managing family life with work. So keep in mind you might face such problems, be prepared and give your self-time to adjust.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that your mind and body need time to restore all the energy that is lost is chaos. So always keep your self and self-care one step ahead.

balance life as a working mom


Having work and home routine helps a lot. If your kids go to school or you have to leave them at daycare try to pack bags at night, this will save you time in the morning. Get up early in the morning and get into action as soon as possible. This will help you to keep morning frenzy in control. By doing this you will be able to reach at work gratified and satisfied. And eventually, you will be able to balance life as a working mother.

balance life as a working mom


This is very essential. You might get busy with work routine, stuck up with deadlines but it is always good to find time for your family. If you are not able to take out time on weekdays then you should always have it on weekends. Plan hangouts, picnics, long drives, games, beach trips, zoo trips, dining out and whatnot. This will strengthen your family bonding and help you reconnect.


Staying motivated keeps you going on. This will keep your heart at peace. And you will be able to concentrate on your carrier and successful both at home and work. For staying motivated it is important to set small goals and treat yourself when you accomplish them.

balance life as a working mom


Optimism is a blessing being positive in every situation helps you staying cheerful and at tranquility. There might be at times when you feel down and depress but you should try to stay motivated and look for ways to combat depression.

Optimism is a blessing being positive in every situation helps you staying cheerful and at tranquility. Click To Tweet

I can assure you that by practicing these tips you can minimize and even resolve your problems in a better way and can stay calm.



How do you manage life as a working mom, share your tips in comments, I would love to read.


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Great points! I definitely believe that keeping a good attitude is everything. It just makes the day good no matter what happened. Love it!


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These are great tips for working moms. Managing your time can be tricky, but these are great ideas.


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Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.
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