HOW TO BE HAPPY? 5 Miraculous Ways

how to be happy

Before looking into the ways to be happy let’s admit that we all, YES WE ALL, do get upset and that too VERY OFTEN. I can drag the list by adding more negative emotions, commonly called depression, disappointment, sadness, regret and like that this list can grow, grow and grow, and obviously, that’s not the agenda.

Now the main issue is how to pull yourself out of this deep well of negative emotions, that are continuously draining your energy and are being a source of agony for you.

So here I have chalked down some ways to help you, my friend.

5 tips to be happy



Yes, this is the foremost thing because you can only treat or pull yourself out. You should recognize and admit that yes ok fine, I’m sad and that is totally OK!!!

After all, we all are humans and life is, by all means, a combination of emotions, out of which some are good and some are bad. So by doing this all debate, we come to the conclusion that you need to admit your emotion ( here I am supposing you are agreeing to it ).


Now, when you have realized you are sad, take a minute out and see what has made you feel bad. And what was the reason behind all the insanity (excuse me for this harsh word but that is where a negative emotion drive takes us).


Yes go and look at yourself in the mirror. See how beautiful you are and how one odd emotion has walled you off from the happiness and beauty in life around. You have been very harsh on yourself. You don’t deserve that lovely! Raise your standards. You are a gem of a person (you can trust me) and you deserve to be happy.


Yes, I am rightly saying that dear, feel yourself.

  • feel your heartbeat
  • feel as you breathe in and out
  • more over feel the vision your eyes see
  • and feel your hands, your feet (now I think this has been a long feeling-feeling thing, but it’s important)

See what is there, that you don’t have? All the blessings are right there. You just need to realize and stop yourself being dragged by a tiny, little odd emotion. That is no way worthy of your peace of mind.

how to be happy


Now as you have reached till this point, I will like to elaborate one BIG SECRET. When you have done with all these steps there is one last step and probably an important one to regain all the lost energy. This will definitely make you happy.

Make a cup of tea or coffee for yourself (if you have a helping hand, asking them to do it for you will make you feel even better). Sit beside a window or in the balcony (if you are lucky to have one) and feel the pleasure of freedom as you sip in your coffee.

Oh wow, now you are a free human being. You have successfully freed yourself from the spell and all the agony that the gloomy emotion was giving you.

Tips to be a happy individual

You are finally free and happy.

(p.s) If you, not a coffee lover, go for a walk, watch a TV serial or read a book or you can even have a nap. Anything that works well for you, go for it.

Wait! remember my friend life is full of ups and downs. You just need to accept things and make a balance between them ( it’s easy said than done), but you can be good at this skill by practicing. So practice this every time you are down and I am sure you will master it soon.

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sidra zaheer

I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.



Aadhira · at

A very plausible and feel good post.. Thanks for lifting the spirit.. Keep up the great work.. 🙂


Huda · at

Omg i love this post. This is so important to realize especially the fact that we CAN feel negative but its how we pull ourselves out if that can determine source of happiness.


Ariana Dagan · at

Beautifully said, love that you mentioned being free to be human, great post!


Annie · at

Ya! I agree that accepting that a negative mood has set in is the first step to moving on.


Lisa · at

It can be hard to turn around negative emotions, but these are great ways. I’m all for taking a break and identifying the cause of the negative feelings!


Samantha · at

Beautiful post, I especially like the feeling portion with stopping to feel your breaths and feel your heart beat. It’s so easy to get caught up in everything else that we forget we also need love and care.

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