How to combat depression? How can I escape this agony? Will I ever be able to kill it? Will I ever be depression free?
Are you the one asking these questions to yourself? If yes, then you are in the right place.
how to combat depression
Before we start let me tell you, friend! You are not the only one experiencing this unpleasant feeling. There are many in this world at this very point going through this torture. And if not at this point, let’s be true and admit that we all have faced this unwelcomed feeling at some point in our lives. So that means it is not abnormal to feel depressed but what is beyond normal is the state of mind in which you land that is the actual culprit and results in nuisance. 
But don’t worry I know you can fight this feeling away and will end up becoming more strong and robuster.

First of all, you need to accept that feeling low is the part of life (though a bad one, we all come across it). If we can get into this then we can also get out of it. So let’s look at a few possible ways to rescue ourselves.

5 easy ways to combat depression

1. Maintain Insight

Whenever you are going through difficult times always try not to lose insight. By saying this I mean you should always know or at least try to know about yourself, a difficult time you are facing and your ability to cope up with it. Everyone faces problems in life but few end up at committing suicide because it’s not actually the problem that leads us to suicide, it’s actually the approach that leads us there. So it’s pivotal to know that its only a part of life and only a fraction of time that is not in our favor. More importantly, you should know that by the right approach and at the right time you will pass this worriment.

2. Rule out the Cause

I think that the most effective way of dealing with depression is that you should look into the matter the try to find out the cause and actual culprit. If you are good enough to find it out then just be assured that half good has been done. Sorting out the actual reason behind the agony is the basic step to get rid of it. 

3. Ask for Help

No matter how strong you are, it is always good to look around and seek help from dear ones. Importance of family and friends lies in this fact that they are available and always ready to help you. Sharing your issues and mental state with a close friend can help to decrease the burden and of course, they always come up with a different and easy solution that you might have not thought of. So my friend, don’t hesitate to share your feelings with close ones.

4. Divert your Attention

Always being in the same state of mind can drain up all your energies, so it’s better to keep yourself busy with activities and things that make you happy and satisfied. it might be a wall, visit a beach, meeting a friend, reading a book, watching a movie and list goes on. This will definitely help you to combat depression easily.

how to combat depression

5. Stay Positive

I certainly cannot emphasize enough the need and importance of this key step. I would rather call it a fundamental rule to live your life. This alone is so important. You might be thinking that when you are down and out with depression how can you be positive? But the answer is that yes you can be positive. Staying positive, if not throughout the bad phase but even most of the time will surely decrease the agony and shorten the duration of torture.
So dear, stand up for yourself and know, you can do kill the depression easily and believe me half job will be done.



sidra zaheer

I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.



Jeanine Byers · at

I completely agree with asking for help, and I think sometimes that is the hardest thing for people to do. It is heartbreaking to realize how alone people can feel, because they don’t feel like they can reach out for help when they are depressed.

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