Every human being on this earth faces different situations in life. Some good, some bad. No matter how hard and terrible they are, they always leave a person with important life lessons. Either good or bad.

And these lessons when combined lead to a lifetime experience.

life lessons

Similarly, facing different situations in life, I have also
learned a few lessons and I want my daughter to learn from them.

So that it might help her live a better life.

life lessons

Life Lessons for my daughter

life lessons


The first and foremost thing that I have learned is to stay positive.

It has been a great motivator for me.

No matter how bad circumstances have been I have always
tried to stay positive.

This does not mean that I never loosed hope or I never
became depressed. But whenever I faced such a situation in my life I always
tried to look at the better side of the picture.

And I always hoped that everything will be fine and will be
better for me. And I am lucky enough that as long as I can remember everything that
happened was best for me.


Stay strong

This is somewhat related to positivity. Because one can only stay strong when he/she believes there will be a positive outcome, no matter how late.

I believe staying strong is not an option, it’s a lifestyle.

It’s a way of life one chooses to adopt.

As a rule of the world, everyone faces difficult situations in life and as a matter of fact, it is not possible to stay composed and unaffected all the time.

But what really matters is how fast you gather yourself and evaluate the situation. This helps in further planning and to do the best in her/his own capacity.

After you have done your best don’t worry about the result. No
matter how it ends, good or bad. Always remember it was best for you and it was
meant to happen.

Try to get hold of the lesson you learned and move on.

So for me stating strong means acceptance of the situation
and doing your best with the belief anything that happens will be best for you.

stay strong


As we all know to be compassionate means showing sympathy toward others.

This one way of life I value a lot, amongst all the values I
learned from my parents.

Having a welcoming attitude toward others, listening to them
and helping them as far as possible has blessed me so much.

So the third important thing I want my daughter to learn is
to be compassionate.

Be who you are

I would my daughter to be comfortable in her own skin.

I want her to move in the society as the way she is and in the
way she chooses for herself.

If she likes something in someone, she should adopt that habit or way of life.

But, I don’t want her to take bad and forced influence from others.

I like her to be the way she wants herself to be.


life lessons

Do what you want to do

One important thing that I want her to refrain from is worrying about what other people have to say.

I don’t mean that whatever someone tells us is wrong or is
with bad intention.

There is definitely a positive impact of constructive criticism.

But unfortunately, most of the time people around us are trying to demotivate and discourage us. And this is what I want my daughter to avoid.

I want her to do whatever pleases her, follow her dreams and
prove her matter.

follow dreams

Listed above were a few important things I want my daughter to inherit.

As a matter of reality, there are a few things that I am not good at, but I want my daughter to learn and master them. Listed below are a few important ones amongst these.

Learn to say no

This is one thing I really struggle with.

I just can’t say ‘No’, even when I really want to.

Over the course of time, I have tried to learn to say ‘No’.

And I have been a little successful but I still need to
master this art. And I hope I will. Because it’s a must.

There is a very fine line between helping others and being getting
used. And we should all know that when someone asks us for something, to which side
of this line it belongs.

I want my daughter to learn this subtle difference and to say ‘No’ when she knows other’s intend isn’t worthy of her goodwill. This is a must to live in today’s world.

Don’t stress much

Stressing much has consumed so much of me.

I have really been a victim of this. In striving for perfection
I have consumed so much of myself.

Stress has really been devastating for my mental health. But the good thing is that I didn’t lose insight.

I knew I am getting overstressed and I need to pull up myself. This willingness and belief in myself led me to do this.


Don’t overthink

Another thing that is somewhat related to whatever I said is overthinking.

Overthinking leads to stress which further leads to more overthinking
and this turns into a vicious cycle.

Which definitely needs to be stopped to maintain sanity.

I am a human being, who mostly had preponderance towards

It really a hard drill for the mind. All the energy that our
mind has gets used up for no good.

This shouldn’t happen.

So I want my daughter to live life as it unfolds, and don’t overthink.

One good way to do this is to stay in the present moment and live it rather than unnecessarily worrying about the unseen future.

life lessons


It is a rule of nature that every human being passes through different stages of life. And during this journey, he/she gathers new experiences and knowledge. And there is no good teacher other than nature.

But as a mother, I think we should make our children aware of these important life lessons. So that when they grow up they have a better understanding and can more easily grasp the life lessons.

life lessons

Here are a few more important life lessons for kids.


sidra zaheer

I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.



Amber · at

What a wonderful set of life lessons to teach you daughter! She is going to grow up to be a strong woman with you guiding her.


Shivali Dixit Saxena · at

Love the write up


Katie Frazier · at

These were amazing. Also don’t give your heart to just anyone. That’s one I want my kids to know as well. ❤️


Brittany Vance · at

These are all great lessons! I especially love strength, positivity, and compassion. There’s too much negativity and we need more compassionate people!


Amanda · at

Learn to say No, and don’t overthink… I love these two! They are so important yet sometimes popular culture discourages this, especially in women. Let’s work to raise strong, independent girls who can say no and trust their intuition!


This German Mama · at

This is beautiful, there are so many excellent point.


Jenny · at

I love this post. I was just thinking today how sad it is that it takes so long in life to realize many of these things. I have an ongoing conversation with my teenager about these very topics. Maybe I can teach her early.


Ana · at

These are wonderful lessons and we want what’s best for our children. Stress and overthinking are my big problem areas. I’m hoping to help my children find ways to solve problems and not dwell on them. I hope they benefit from my experience. Thank you for the beautiful post.

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