In recent days I have seen many moms working from home. This trend is increasing. Some do that by choice as they want to stay close to their families while looking after their businesses.

There is also another group of moms who have been forced to work from home due to different circumstances (read Corona Virus pandemic at present).

I believe it is more tough and difficult for mom working from home in terms of following a strict routine. And we all know following a workable routine and sticking to it is, really very important.

moms working from home

In usual days when kids are going to school, it is still doable for moms working from home. But let us see the other side of the picture as well.

When kids are at home, due to any reason like if they are too young to go to school, or they are having annual vacations or so, in such cases all routine gets upside down.

But we should devise a way that this does not pull down our efforts and business all at once.

So what should be done?

Don’t worry my friend, I am here to break the ice and get you some wise ways to keep up with your routine and pave ways to the success of your business.

moms working from home

So without further due let’s begin.

This is going to be a long one, so bring your coffee along.

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Tips for Moms Working from Home

1. Get yourself a fresh start of the day

This is a very basic but mandatory step. You need to start your day fresh and with full energy.

Try to get up early in the morning.

I know it may be hard for everyone to start their day early but this is what researchers say. They say if you start your day early you stay more productive and as a result, you get more done.

Let me tell you some good reasons why you stay more productive in the early hours. It is because

  • Your mind is fresh
  • You get little, in fact, no disturbance around (because the baby and daddy will be fast asleep)
  • You have little distractions, be it television or mobile phones

So the first thing you need to do is to develop a habit to get up early in the morning. It may bother you for some time but when you will start experiencing its perks, you will love it.

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2. To-do list

The second important thing for moms working from home is that they  should maintain a to-do list.

It is often emphasized to get your to-do list for the next day ready by the previous night. It signals your mind what exactly it needs to focus at.

And due to this, you can quickly begin with the work without wasting your precious time.

So, I will recommend you the same, Prepare your to-do list one night before, just before you go to bed.

Another important thing is that you should also prioritize your list, with arranging them into two halves, most important and less important tasks.

This helps you realize which things or tasks need to be done first and need more of your attention. The rest of the things which are of lesser priority can be looked after later.

You can get some awesome to-do list planners here.

3. Stay focus

You must stay focus on what you are doing. This will help your mind think and work more efficiently.

When you maintain a to-do list, it will help you stay focus. Because that way you will be knowing where and when to focus your attention at a given time.

So third on my list is to stay focus and help your mind work at its maximum capacity.

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4. Make a routine and stick to it

Try to make a routine and stick to it, can I please say read it again, because this is that important.

Everyone has different circumstances and different family life so there cannot be one set way of routine that can be followed.

So I will suggest you, customize your routine according to you and your family needs. This will result in less conflict and more peace of mind.

Another benefit of setting and following a routine is that it will help your family and especially your kids understand that this is the time when mommy has to work and will not be available until there is something serious.

You don’t need to have grown up kids to understand that you are following a certain work routine. Young kids, even toddlers can understand that, when it happens daily. This is why it is important to follow a daily routine.

moms working from home

5. Set small goals

One important tip for moms working from home is to set goals, but keep in mind to set small goals. This will help.

Let me explain how?

Any business needs to have long term goals. Like where you want to see your business in the next five to ten years. But at times, in fact, most of the time it can be overwhelming and cause sudden demotivation and collapse.

So to achieve larger goals you need to set small goals, especially if you working from home and are a small business.

This helps you stay motivated.

Let me tell you how?

When to set small goals and work towards it, your actions and energy are more targeted. You know what are you working at, this keeps your mind focused. It also helps the brain to concentrate and think of some brilliant ideas.

And once when the small goals have been achieved your brain perceives it as a success and victory. This remarkably helps your brain generate more power and energy that drives you forward towards larger goals.

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6. Connect with your clients/ customers

In an online world, it is very important to stay connected with your customers, clients, and readers. This will give them reassurance that you care for them.

It also helps them to build a connection with you because they know they are interacting with a real human being.

For this, you need to post consistently, plan live sessions or run some sorts of competitions.

This will keep them engage. Your venture will benefit from it.

working from home

7. Do little, but do it regularly and keep it going

I know as a mom, it is not possible to get long hours to work. Because you have a family to look after.

So to achieve constant growth, you need to be consistent.

Quantity doesn’t matters much but your consistency matter a lot.

For this, my formula is to work little but work regularly.

When there are days, I cannot write much due to thousands of other things that I have to do then I just try to write 200 words. But I make sure I do it every day. This way I get to write 1 to 2 blog posts a week and that too without feeling any pressure to work.

This might seem another version of saying maintain a routine and follow it regularly.

But the take-home message for this specific tip is that it does not matter how little the work was that has been done. Until is done regularly and consistently.

So importance lies in being consistent.

When you develop the habit of consistency, you will attain larger goals without any doubt.

Get going, buddy.

8. Get your family involved

Everyone in the family stays busy with their chores but remember so are you.

You must talk to them and make them understand that you also have important ventures to look after. And share your daily progress with them.

This will make them understand where you stand and will help you out.

You can always get your husband and kids involve in home chores. This will not only take the burden off you but will bring you all together as a family.

Here are some easy decluttering tips as well.

9. Plan activities for kids

You should keep a specific time aside for your work. It is ideal to work when your kids are at school. But what if they are having vacations?

Then you need to work out some activities that can keep kids busy and occupied while you do your work.

Here are some ideas for indoor activities for kids.

10. Self-care

Self-care is so very important mom. You cannot work at your best if you don’t take good care of yourself.

Try to take out some time on a daily or weekly basis which should be only for you.

Use that time to think with a peaceful mind, meditate, workout, skincare or do whatever you like and benefit you. But it should be all about you.

Here are some more self-care tips that will help you.

11. Analyze your business once a week

This is very crucial for your business to proceed in the right direction.

At least once a week set aside an hour or so and analyze the work you did throughout the week. Look were you able to complete the small goals that you assigned to yourself?

And then also see what impact your business or venture is making. Have a close look, if customers and clients are interacting or not. If they are commenting and reviewing your business, take those suggestions seriously. Because it is all about delivering quality products or content to your target audience.

Write down what else you can do to make your efforts more effective. This will help a lot in the progress of your business.

Remember good things take time, so there is no need to hurry.

12. Stay positive

A suggestion from my side to you would always stay positive. No matter how the conditions are, how slow you are proceeding, just keep going and stay positive.

You are already juggling with many duties at a time as a wife, mother, and entrepreneur. Maintaining a balance is tough but with a positive mind, you can make progress.

13. Be proud of yourself and your achievement

My friend, no one will value you, until you do that favor to yourself.

Be proud of you and the achievements you made. Because that wouldn’t have been possible if you had not started at first place.

It was your dream and hard work lead by the passion that made it happen. And this will eventually lead you to your goals.

14. Always keep a backup plan

Keep thinking of new ideas always. So that if one idea isn’t doing well, you have others to look up to. All moms working from home should do this.

No business is ever run without a risk. But the ability to deal with those challenges and risks is the power of an entrepreneur.

And this is the beauty of entrepreneurship.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments.

15. Try to have another way of income

I will strongly suggest you to always try to have more than one source of income. This will keep you secure. And this will help you to deal with difficult times.

You will feel more confident in taking bold decisions in your business if you know you have some money in your pocket to cover up.

Keep thinking of new ideas and keep growing.


Moms, above I have outlined the strategies that I learned and implemented. The main focus points of these winning strategies are setting up small goals, following a routine, staying positive and having faith in your abilities.

It doesn’t matter how small you are doing till the time you keep going because it will payback.

To conclude I would like to wish you the best of luck with your venture. I would love to hear from you, about what are you working at and how are you keeping a balance between your family and business.

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Tips for moms working from home

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