What should I make for lunch? Which food he/she will love to eat at school? What should I give him/ her for school today? These are a few questions that I am sure all mothers get bombarded with every single morning. So do I. That’s why I created a  list of school lunch ideas for kids to ease this task and I am sure it will be helpful for you as well.

lunch box ideas for kids
I created a  list of school lunch ideas for kids to ease this task and I am sure it will be helpful for you as well. Click To Tweet

Packing a lunch box with the food items that are healthy and liked by kids at the same time is really very challenging. To add up to this challenge lunch needs to be different each day or at least should not be repeated more than twice a week, because kids get bored with it.

So To overcome this daily challenge I have created a lifesaver list of school lunch ideas for kids that is beneficial for me and I would love to share it with you as well. Click To Tweet

Without any further due, MOM! let’s dive in.

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lunch box ideas for kids

School lunch ideas for kids

To make it simple I divide the lunch into two parts. One is the main food item and to compliment it I add some add on.

This provides the kids with options and variety in lunch and also keeps it rich in necessary nutrients and minerals needed for their mental and physical growth.

lunch ideas for kids

Main course school lunch ideas for kids

1.Fried Chicken

This is a healthy option that can be included in lunch, being a rich source of protein. And the good news is that kids love eating chicken.

I prefer to marinate the chicken in yogurt, salt, and black pepper overnight. Then in the morning, I put it on the stove until tender and then I fry it to make it crispy.

You can also add bread crumbs before frying.

And on some days I also give chicken without frying but in that case, make sure it is fully cooked.


Nuggets are really a lifesaver for me on busy mornings.

I use frozen nuggets from the market and just fry them in the morning. You can also make them at home and freeze for later use. There are tons of recipes available online.

Find one good recipe here.

lunch box ideas for kids


This is a rich source of protein and calcium which are very essential for growing kids.

I usually buy sweetened yogurt from the market because my daughter loves it. You can make yogurt at home as well. (If your homemade yogurt turns out good share that recipe with me as well, because every time when I try to do so it rarely solidify).

4.French fries

Who doesn’t love french fries? I believe all kids love eating french fries and so do adults. And why shouldn’t we? They are a good source of carbohydrates.

I slice down the potatoes and directly fry them. Sometimes I add little salt r spices after frying.

If you run short of time in the morning you can cut the potatoes in slices at night, put them in water and refrigerate them. Take them out in the morning drain the water and fry them. It will save you time and fries turn more crispy.

lunch box ideas for kids

You can also use aAliExpress.com Product – ITOP Commercial Electric Tornado Potato Slicer 110V 220V Twisted Vegetable Cutter HE03” data-wplink-url-error=”true” rel=”noopener noreferrer”> cool tornado potato slicer.


This is also quick and easy to make an option for lunch boxes.

There are plenty of filling options that can be used, but not for me. Because my daughter only loves chocolate spread nothing else.

But if you are lucky enough to be given open choice to make a sandwich of your choice by your kid, then you can use butter, chicken spread, crushed boiled egg with mayonnaise, jam or even boiled mashed potatoes. Possibilities are endless.

To make sandwiches more attractive you can cut them into different shapes using different cutters and moulds easily available in the market and online. Find a few cute ones here .

lunch box ideas for kids

6. Pasta/ noodles

I love pasta but I would have been more than happy if my little one also loved it. But that is not the case at my side.

If your kid loves to eat noodles or pasta, then it’s again a good option for the lunch box. You can boil the pasta and add chicken chunks or meat and few vegetables. Try to keep spices on the lighter side so that children can eat it easily.

lunch box ideas for kids

7.Potato-chicken balls

This is a very healthy choice for your kids.

You just need to boil boneless chicken with the addition of some salt, black pepper, ginger and garlic paste. Boil potatoes separately. When done, mix them and add 1 egg. You can also add butter to increase its nutritional value. After mixing make small balls and keep them in the fridge for some time. When needed take them out and deep fry.

You can also add bread crumbs before frying.

I would recommend to make in small number and refrigerate them only more 2 to 3 days, not more than that. Because potatoes should not be used for more than 2 days once refrigerated.

8.Boiled egg

Hard-boiled eggs are a great option.

Just boil an egg to an extent that yolk is fully cooked and then cut them into 2 to 4 parts and pack it with a fork.

There are also different cutters and shapes available for cutting and reshaping the boiled eggs. You can buy a few cute ones right here.

lunch box ideas for kids

9.Chicken chunks

You can either get frozen chicken chunks from the market or you can simply cute boneless chicken into cubes at home and marinate it with salt, black pepper, and butter. And just fry them. Kids love eating them. And I am sure your child will love it too.


Undoubtedly rice is a great source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals. And luckily most of the kids love having rice.

So why not take advantage of it.

According to the liking of your child, you can either serve boiled rice or cook rice with chicken or vegetables and give them for the lunch. I am sure they will enjoy eating rice.

11.Cup cake

Homemade cupcakes can be very helpful and handy for the mother whose kids don’t like eggs.Because you can add eggs in the making of cupcakes and it will serve the cause.

You can involve kids in the making of cupcakes because they love getting involved in it and it is a great way to reconnect with your child that we often forget in our busy lives.

There are many delicious cupcake recipes available. Check one right here.

Find few more lovely cupcake moulds here.

lunch box ideas for kids


My daughter really likes it. So sometimes i also add this to her lunch box.

I just fry vermicelli a little add milk and sugar to it. Once the vermicelli is tender you are good to go.

13.French Toast

I found french toast a good alternative of egg for my daughter, because she doesn’t eat eggs, no matter what.

So i make her french toast and so in this way she gets some source of eggs in her diet.

You can also use the same cutters and moulds to make different shapes as you use for the sandwiches.

Side food items for school lunch

Side food options are a good to be added to the lunch boxes. They definitely provide kids with different variety, color, and taste.

Side food options are a good to be added to the lunch boxes. They definetely provide kids with different variety, colour and taste. Click To Tweet


Cut the cucumbers into long slender slices and put them in the lunch box.

cucumber for lunch


Carrots can also be cut in long strips and be added to the main course lunch.

carrots for lunch


Wash the grapes well and remove the small stalks they have so it becomes easy for the child to eat.

Kids love having grapes for lunch.

grapes for lunch


Depending on the age and liking of your child you can either send a washed whole apple or cut it into slices wrap it with a band and you are done.



Bananas are all time favorite of kids, so why not pair it some main course food listed above?


They are such an easy option, just wash them well and put them in their lunch box.


Crackers are good to be added as a side item. You can either use fried cracker from the market or you can even fry it at home when needed.

8.Cheese slice

If you are one of those lucky moms whose kids love cheese slices go for it. My daughter doesn’t love cheese, so this is not an option for me at least, sigh!



Nuts! what a healthy option for lunch box ideas for kids?

Any sort of nuts that your kid loves eating can be added and they really necessary for mental growth of your kids.


10.Boiled corns

You just need to boil corns and add butter and salt to them. You can also use chicken powder that is easily available in super markets. This is also a great fit for a daily school meal.

11.Mashed Potatoes

Even I love eating mashed potatoes, Do you?

Ah okay! coming back to the topic. You can boil potatoes, mash them and add melted butter salt and black pepper and woohoo job’s done.


You can also add dates to the lunch box. They are really a healthy option.

dates for lunch

Don’t forget a water bottle or a fresh fruit juice, because hydration is really important for proper functioning of your little ones. Here are few drinks that can help your kid stay hydrated.


Mommies I know, deciding what to give kids for lunch every day is really overwhelming. But having a list to choose from makes it really easy and do-able. I listed above a few lunch box ideas for kids and I divided them into main course food items and a few healthy side food options that can be beneficial for your growing child. And will surely lessen your burden and make your mornings better and peaceful.

One last tip that I want to give is that buy an attractive lunch box with dividers or separate portions. This will really help.

If you are in a search of lunch box meal planner for a month then Urdu Mom has some great ideas for lunch box for 30-days. Have a look and feel easy for the whole month.

Please don’t forget to share with other moms. They might need this badly.

Feel free to share in comments what you make for your child’s lunch box.

lunch box ideas for kids


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