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I am glad you made your way to this all-important post. I am sure this will be good and helpful read for you to know what actually is mental health? what is its importance? what are the danger signs of declining mental health and how can you improve mental health. So make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of coffee and let’s take the very first step towards boosting your mental health.

What is Mental Health

In easy words, mental health can be defined as the state of mind which affects its ability to think, understand and act. In a more simpler version, you can understand it as the working state of your mind.

Why is Mental Health important

In our day to day life, we come across various situations in which we take decisions which have a long-lasting impact on our and our dear one’s lives. Here it is important to realize that it is actually our mind that is taking these decisions all the time. Having said that, it is of utmost importance that our brain works efficiently and coherently so that decisions are nicely made and have an overall good impact on our lives.

Mental health is the main pillar of our personality. If it is not good enough, then your work life, family life and above all health will deteriorate. I know obviously, you won’t want that so why not improve it? The very first step is assessing mental health. When we will assess it only then we will get to know how upright or unsatisfactory it is. There are various ways with which you can analyze your mental health but let’s keep it simple. Given underneath are few signs and symptoms that will help you with self-assessment of your mental health.

Self-assessment of Mental Health

As already being mentioned first step in the improvement of mental health is to evaluate it. Given here are few indications that will help you analyze it.

Features of good mental health

  • Feeling fresh and positive
  • Good decision-making ability
  • Comfortably adjusting with change
  • Good relationships with friends and family
  • Feeling the state of well-being

Features of poor mental health

  • Negative thinking
  • Prolong feeling of sadness
  • Prolong feeling of low self-esteem
  • Feeling anxious most of the time
  • Being fearful all the time
  • Social disengagement
  • A significant change in the sleep-wake cycle
  • Feeling angry and furious most of the time
  • Experiencing delusions and hallucination
  • Inability to cope up with daily tasks
  • Suicidal ideas
  • Deteriorating physical health
  • Inability to focus
  • Inability to make decisions

Listed above are a few traits of good and poor mental health. I hope by now you have made a quick assessment of your mental health. If you feel you are suffering from deterioration of mental health let’s have a look at ways of improving it. Luckily if you found yourself having good mental health, I would like to congratulate you. And I will recommend you to still have a look at the strategies mentioned below because there is always room for improvement. Agreed? So let’s step forward.

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Pro-tips to improve Mental Health

So happy you made till here, so without wasting any time now, we will consider ways to enhance and improve mental health.

Maintain a good sleep-wake cycle:

I know like me, you have also grown up listening to the phrase that says “early to bed, early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy and wise”. It is absolutely true and I can’t emphasize enough on its importance. So fellows mark it as the first step in boosting your mental soundness.

Breathe in the fresh air:

After getting up early in the morning, offer your prayers and then head out to the balcony, lawn or just beside a window. And have a look of jewels of the morning. The beautiful colors of the sky, chirping birds, cool and fresh breeze, all add to the flavor of a beautiful morning. This small step alone will help you feel better instantly. Trust me! 

Exercise daily:

Finding time for physical activity daily is of utmost importance. It is up to you whether you exercise in the morning or in the afternoon, in both ways it will help you to throw out the negative thoughts and emotions and will release good hormones that will supplement your mind with tons of positive thoughts. Thanks, me later!

Eat healthy:

Having your meals at proper timings and making healthy choices for them will benefit you in the long run. Including fruits, vegetables, meat, fresh juices and stay away from junk food as much as possible will help you stay healthy and motivated. It will also help you to shed extra pounds and will assist you in maintaining a healthy body weight. Getting all the essentials nutrients, vitamins and minerals help in proper functioning of body systems including your brain.

Make a to-do list:

When we have so much to do in our lives it may make us feel overwhelmed. In such situations, it is always beneficial to make a to-do list every day or at the start of the week. Enlist all the important tasks that you need to do in order of priority. This will take a lot of stress away from you and will enable you to track your performance. It helps a lot no doubt.

Stay focused:

Always try to concentrate on what you are doing. Staying focused helps you complete your tasks efficiently and in a much better way. Working half-heartedly and with lots of irrelevant thinking in your mind will distract you and will result in unnecessary delay in your work which will further increase your burden. So always try to stay focused on what you are doing.

Stay away from negative people:

In this world, there are many people around that are always trying to bring you down and serve as a source of unhappiness. I will highly recommend you to stay away from such evils. They will always discourage and demoralize you. But you need to understand their will is not important, it is YOU that is all important. Be who you are and don’t give heed to what they say and what they do. Always feel positive and good about you. (Have I emphasized enough on staying away from negative people).

Family time:

Spending time with your family is pivotal in improving mental health. When you spend quality time with your kids and family it helps in improved bonding and boosts positive energy within you which leads you to a happy state of mind. One more important aspect of family time is that it helps you to understand each other. The family is no doubt the best and readily available source of support which indeed is beneficial.

Enjoy your ME-TIME:

It is very crucial to find time for your self and to completely enjoy it. It can be at any time of the day. Just get yourself some time from daily activities and relax. You may spend that time investing in your hobby, reading a book, trying a DIY, watching TV or just sit in the balcony and enjoy your cup of tea or coffee. But do find some ME-TIME on a daily basis besides everyday chores.

Outdoor trips:

Making outdoor trips with family and friends on a weekly or monthly basis is very valuable. It helps you divert your mind from negativity around and enjoy some quality time.


No matter which institution or industry you are working in, it is of utmost importance that you avail your annual vacations. It is already a proved fact that availing annual vacations improves mental and physical efficacy of individual. So my friend get yourself ready for vacations this year.

Be positive:

No matter how hard life is treating you try to stay as much positive as possible. You should know there is always something good in every adversity of life. There always a ray of hope you just need to wait and seek for it. I am sure you will eventually get to your goal, so stay positive.

Let’s wind up

Understanding your mental health status and implementing healthy choices in your lifestyle will definitely give a boost to your mental health. So gear up fellows, you can do it!

Speak up 

Tell me what do you think about your mental health and what different ways you improvise to strengthen it.

Tips to improve mental health

If you want to learn more to improve mental health click here.


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I love doing all of these tips. Getting enough sleep is a big one for me and so is doing yoga and exercising daily. + Drink a lot of water helps you feel better.


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Great tips for Mental Health! I definitely neglect some of them, such as sleep, but will get back to making it a priority. Thank you for the helpful post.


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