Balancing playtime and screen-time for kids is a real challenge for parents, especially mothers because they technically spend more time with kids. But as for everything, this also has a solution. Before diving into details I would like to tell you that screentime is not that bad as we or society supposes. I do agree that should be time and access limitation for kids to use mobile, tablets or laptops. But I don’t agree with the thought of not letting children have screentime at all. So let’s talk in depth about screen-time for kids.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

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The reason why I want you to allow kids some screentime is that it opens new horizons and ways for the kids to explore. We will be discussing these points in detail below. Bring a cup of coffee with you so that we can officially begin. I will break this talk into two main parts, first I will be talking about what are adverse effects of the extended screen time and then about the benefits of controlled screen time.

good and bad effects of screen time for kids


We all know that excess of everything is bad. And similar is true for on-screen time. When kids tend to watch a lot of videos or play a lot of video games, this actually brings along harmful effects of screen-time for kids. So listed below are harmful and negative effects of prolonged use of tech devices like mobile, tablet or desktops for kids.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

1. Decrease attention span

When kids develop a habit of excessive use of cell phones and tablets, it decreases their attention span. It will adversely affect their concentration towards studies. They tend to get bored easily and more often. Which definitely isn’t good.

2. Irritability

Children who are inclined to an immoderate use of tech-devices are more prone to suffer irritability. One important reason behind this is that uncontrolled use of mobile devices affects the development and connections of the frontal lobe of the brain. This marks an important side effect of screen-time for kids.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

3. Increase frustration

Due to defective or faulty connections in the brain threshold of frustration falls below a critical level. And because of this, you will feel that your kid easily and more often gets frustrated.

4. Decrease physical activity

One well-known harmful effect of increased screen time is that most of the time of the day gets consumed by these gadgets and children are left with either very less or no time for physical play. You must be very well aware of the benefits of getting enough time for physical play. It strengthens the motor development of kids.

5. Decrease social interaction

As most of the time gets occupied by technical gadgets it provides very less time for kids to interact with others. This affects their ability to interact and build relations. As time passes you may feel your child is becoming shy and introvert.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

6. Prone to see harmful content

As the kid spends more time viewing his/ her favorite cartoons or playing games on screen they are more prone to fall prey to harmful and extreme content. And you know very well harmful content is available in excess on web and is continuously in search of easy victims. So you as a parent need to be extra vigilant.

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7. Dry eyes

One more undesired effect is dryness of eye due to excessive on-screen time. Kids and adults are equally susceptible to it so we should be extra conscious to limit on-screen time, especially for kids.

8. Constant lethargy and low energy

As the child spends more and more time lying on the couch and watching videos or cartoons, he/she tends to become more and more lazy and inactive. They continuously experience low energy and complain of being tired all the time.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids


Everything comes with some good and bad effects. We have already discussed some cons of increased screen time. But let me tell you if as a parent you limit screen time for kids and encourage them to consume informative content on web this will benefit your child’s development. So it is equally important to have a look at useful aspects of gadgets use.

Now let’s have a look at few good and positive effects of screen time for kids.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

1. Exposure to the world

In this continuously evolving virtual world, every being including children should have enough knowledge to stand and move forward with the world. They get to know what’s going over all around the world. This really is beneficial.

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2. Learn new skills

Adequately monitored screen time help kids acquire new and modern skills. They tend to learn tips and tricks that help them a lot to develop their skills. This will also open new horizons for their cognitive development.

3. Language development

As a parent, you observe that as your child grows the development of his/ her language also occurs. Which is no doubt very important. There is no match and substitute of you talking and interacting with your child. But one more thing that can aid in this development is interactive content for kids on the web.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

4. Vocabulary enhancement

Vocabulary development is very important for language development that definitely helps in socializing as we grow. As you talk to your child more many different and new words are added to their vocabulary. Limited use of gadgets also helps kids vocabulary to flourish because there may be few words that you and your family isn’t using much but kids get to hear them on screen. Having said that, it is important as a parent that you should know what sort of content is your child watching on screen. Definitely, you want good words to be added in the vocabulary of your child but not the harsh and inappropriate words.

5. Increases general knowledge

The web is full of beneficial content consisting of interesting historical facts, fascinating present happenings in the world and future endeavors across the world. So as the kids get to engage in this type of content it enhances their general knowledge.

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6. Improves learning ability

The kids are learning all the time that they are spending on gadgets like cell phones and tablets. So this aids in their ability to learn and grasp on new things more quickly. But this again implies to controlled and monitored use of these devices.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids

7. Prepares for future

In this ever-evolving world, we all need to keep pace with new developments to make our future prosperous. Same is true for kids because they are our actual future. So if we are able to equip our child with good and beneficial knowledge available on the net we will definitely be able to prepare them to face the adventures of the future.

what are beneficial and harmful effects of screen time for kids


Now I would like you to tell me in comments what you think is the one most negative and one most good effect of screen-time for kids.

Good and bad effects of screentime for kids

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sidra zaheer

I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.



Breanna | messybunsandmomjeans · at

Love this article! It’s so nice to see such balance instead of a list of reasons why screen time is evil!


    sidra zaheer · at

    Yes, dear I always believe its all about balance. Keeping a balance makes everything worthwhile.


Ya · at

I agree I am happy that I limit my boy’s screen time and that they are kids who actually like to go outside and play!


Jaimi · at

Great post! I also see positive and negatives with screen time. We definitely limit screen time in our home. But we feel it’s such a part of our world now, it’s a skill to learn as well as learn how to limit ourselves!


Alexandra · at

What a good article, those negative side effects are a real thing, and as I a Homeschooling mom, I can see those negative effects when I kids get too much of anything especially screen time. The toughest part is that they want to watch their shows so much, to learn the next thing, because like you said in the positive list, they learn new skills, develop vocabulary, and learn about the world around them. Finding a good balance is key, and we are striving for that every day 🙂


Kamry · at

This is a great article! It’s very helpful while I’m currently trying to find balance with my kids on the screen time situation. I prefer zero screen time, but being a new blogger and youtuber, I’m finding it difficult to keep them busy while I’m working! Oh and I homeschool so I have them with me 24/7! Thank you so much for this!


Betty @ Mombrite · at

We don’t do screen time at the house for exactly the reasons you said. And I believe that any benefits of screen time can be replaced by activities that do not involve the screen.


Ashley · at

These are such great and VALID pros & cons! I used to be so weary of letting the kids have screen time but, thankfully i realized the value in it for them.. and ME!
Ashley from A Sweet Life with Style


Annie · at

Very informative! I think the increased frustration is definitely a negative, but expanded vocabulary is a great positive!


Cheryl · at

As screentime is un avoidable for today’s age children but still we cannot out weigh the dangers of excessive screen time than its benefits.


Trish · at

I love that you listed both sides of screentime use by kids. We allow our son 30 minutes a day. We set a timer and when it is up, it is up.


    sidra zaheer · at

    30 MINS are good enough. I think that’s a good approach. Thanx for sharing dear.


Cori · at

My son has greatly benefitted from his “Pad Pad” (kid’s amazon tablet). I’ve been told by many people that he is quite advanced in his speech, and general knowledge, and I attribute some of that to his tablet. It reinforces, in a fun way, what I try to teach him.


Britt · at

I agree with you that balance is key, although my idea of ‘balance’ is definitely MUCH lower screen time than I think a lot of people seem to be promoting… I wish we saw more children getting out, getting dirty, using their imagination rather than glued to a screen.


Lauren Elena · at

I don’t have kids but I work with them in the hospital setting. I often use iPads for distraction with procedures but I also like to promote other kinds of play. It’s true that kids are growing up with them so it’s another modality. I think if a parent engages with them while they play with it that would be ideal. But I know if I were a parent, I’d probably use screens for the kids while I tried to get some things done. Can’t be perfect all the time! Need to save your sanity.
I think the biggest negative is the frustration. If kids throw a tantrum when they have to part with their device, that could be a clear signal they’re getting too much screen time.


Britta · at

This is a fabulous article! Such great information. I knew a lot of these, but there were also several things I had never heard or thought of. Thank you for the information! 🙂

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