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Hi to all lovely mommies there, I know you have experienced at least bunch of such situations when your cute little master or princess would have gone totally out of control and I’m sure many of you must have lost there cool at that very moment and you must have thought are there any qualities of a good mother that i am lacking?
But no worries.
that is normal, yes it is.
Being a mum to a naughty little angel I also have faced many such situations and I also have lost control over myself and ending with out-bursting my anger.
Yes, that’s not good.
Not good at all.
But lovelies I have tried a few tips that are working well for me so I would like to share these with you. So let’s grow together in this motherhood. Given below are a few qualities of being a good mother. 


1. Stop yelling:

This alone is so important. When kids misbehave and make you embarrassed in front of guests or when they just don’t stop screaming when you are trying to complete your office-work with approaching deadline, I know its gets next to impossible to keep your nerves under control. But dear most important at that very moment is to take a deep breath and talk to yourself that you have to stay calm. It will be hard in the beginning but with passing time and regular practice, it will become easy.
Just don’t say anything at that moment, else pick that naughty yet adorable creature in your arms and plant a kiss on his/her forehead.

2.Talk to your child:

Talking is one thing accepted worldwide to solve problems, and I would rank it as the most important quality of a good mother. And believe me, it will help in this situation also. Kids have tantrums, that’s normal for them but there are reasons for that. Most important of them is that they just can’t tell you what they want because of their developing vocabulary, that is still in the growing process. But you being a mom you can definitely make out from their broken words that what are they up to and what actually they want.
And most of the time they just need your loving attention.

3.Divert their attention:

This is an amazing tool at hand. Divert attention of your child towards anything that might catch his/her attention and amuse your little creature. Engage him in coloring or watching cartoons ( i know many moms will disagree with this…but for working moms, this is essential and life-saving). Watching televisions have not ruined our lives (i suppose), we all have attained very good positions and have a sparkling future at hand, so I believe our kids will also have that. Its just matter of the time. So take it, easy mommy. Let them watch cartoons or any other informative or entertaining program for some time. Please. (They will love you for that 🙂 )

4. Give them quality time:

Now, this is not about one odd day. This is about every day.
Yes, yes I know you stay busy with all the household work and freaking deadlines but sweety this is not a big deal. Take out as much time as you can expense easily and make that time worth it. We all know the quality is far better than quantity. Luckily the same goes for the time as well. So whatever time you spend with little bunnies make it count. Play, run, hop, color or watch their favorite cartoons with them. If they are old enough you can also engage them in small tasks, this will help them in their mental and physical development.

5.Understand them:

As I have already talked about this earlier in the post, understand themThis is pivotal. every human being needs to be understood. I believe, although every action has an equal and opposite reaction (inspired by Newton’s law) every action also has a reason behind it. Try to find that reason, and yes it will decrease future attacks (tantrums). Trust me.
qualities of a good mother

How to be a good mother_
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I am Sidra, mom of a beautiful princess. I am a doctor by profession and a blogger at heart. I believe there are more plug-ins to my life and I am here to discover them.


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